Tahini Production Line

     - Tahini Production Line, It covers the stages in which raw sesame is processed into tahini.

     - The plant capacity is determined according to the customer's needs.

     - We support the machines we manufacture in Tahin production facility with our experienced and experienced team.

Tahini Production Line

Process Sq. Transaction to be Made Explanation Machine to be Used
1 Sesame is soak Sesame is kept at least six hours in the pool, which is about five times as cold as its weight. This makes sesame seeds easy to leave the shell. Sokaing Pool
2 Movement of sesame into a peeler The husk is taken from the pool of wet sesame seeds to be peeled. Sesame Transport Auger
3 Peeling of sesame shell Peel the wet sesame seeds on the machine. Sesame Peeling Machine
4 Separation of sesame seeds from crust The lid of the peeler opens and sesame is poured into the pool containing salt water. The crust, which encloses the saline water, remains on the surface and the sesame seeds remain on the surface. Saltwater Pool
5 Movement of sesame into the wash basin The sesame which has been separated from the shell in salty water is carried to the washing pool. Sesame Transport Robot
6 Washing sesame The granules separated from the shell are washed at least twice with cold water until they are liberated from the salt. It is washed once more with water containing a small amount of lime dissolved in it. This process increases fire resistance of sesame seeds. It is then washed last time with normal water. Washing Pool
7 Drying of sesame The washed sesame seeds are dried. Sesame Drying Machine
8 Roasting of sesame Sesame, roast at the temperature of 100 - 150 degrees roasting machine for about 1.5 - 2 hours. Sesame Roasting Machine
9 Cooling of sesame The roasted sesame seeds are rested to the boil. Sesame Cooling Shelf
10 Movement of sesame to screening machine Sesame is transported to the screening machine. Sesame Transport Auger
11 Cleaning of sesame Sesame seeds are sifted by eliminating various foreign substances in sesame seeds. Sesame Sieving Machine
12 Movement of sesame into the tahini mill The cleaned sesame is transported to the tahini mill. Sesame Transport Auger
13 Tahini grinding Sesame is obtained by grinding in cleaned sesame tahini mill. Tahini Machines
14 Tahini storage Produced tahina is stored for filling. Tahini Stock Tank