Gumus Machine

Our company, which is one of the important players of the sector with the production of since 1987. Sesame-Tahini-Halva-Turkish delight machines, we will continue to serve with quality and customer oriented service consept.

Satisfied customers are our most valuable assets. Our company, which adopts this principle, takes the counter of its labor. Gumus Machine's reputation in the sector spreads both at home and abroad, giving us the opportunity to touch more of a customer's business each passing day.

You can communicate with us by Gumus Machine and learn the advantages we will offer you. Professional ethics and moral values, expert staff, technical service, reasonable price, experience and quality are the biggest advantages of Gumus Machine.



tahin üretim tesisi

Tahini Production

The tahin production plant covers the stages in which raw sesame is processed and processed into tahini.


helva üretim tesisi

Halva Production

Halva production plant covers the production and cutting stages of halva.


komple üretim tesisi

Complete Production Plant

The complete production plant covers all stages of the production of tahina and halva from beginning to end.


lokum üretim tesisi

Turkish Delight
Production Plant

Turkish Delight production plant covers the stages of baking and molding of turkish delight.